You Can’t Choose Your Family.

Well, tomorrow is my family reunion…

This isn’t a typical family reunion in which there’s perhaps a caterer or even a meal in a park with an awning. Perhaps, a quick game of volleyball if you’re that crazy of a family. But at the end of the afternoon everyone normally bids each other adieu and waits again until next year.


This is a camping reunion. A two day long camping reunion. I, however, am exempt from the first day since I have to work but that’s only valid for one day, then I had to ask off.

But it gets worse.

There will not only be t-shirt painting (because printing would be, like, easy?) but there will be campers, tents, dogs of every shape size and breed oh, and did I mention some of my family are bringing their ice shacks to sleep in??? Yep, that’s a little nugget for your nervous system.

But, I mean, all in all it makes me smile. I don’t get embarrassed that we will more than likely look like an episode of the reunion episode of Married With Children because it’s just my way of life.

I’ll just pack my Styrofoam Budweiser cooler with my booze and ice, whip out my folding lawn chair with half the support straps broken (not those fancy bag ones), plop myself into the water with my jean shorts on and make a scene for the city-folk that plan on playing volleyball and bidding each other adieu.

To be continued…

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