If You’re Going To Hate Something, Do It Right

I have a friend who once dated a guy with a Confederate Flag tattoo on his neck. Now, that she is engaged to someone else I display my hatred for him on the World Wide Web.

First of all, people who have Confederate Flag tattoos and live in the North should maybe crack open a textbook sometime before their thirty and their teeth are missing and they’ve blown themselves up in methlabs in their trailer park.

The fact of the matter is these hillbillies (in an earlier post I mentioned that I am a tickle on the redneck side but I am by no means making my big-screen debut in Deliverance) don’t really even understand what a Confederate Flag represents. Well, I take that back, it does represent ignorance and hatred and I’m not normally one to dish out the “I Have a Dream” speech but, come on, why don’t you just get a tattoo that says “I Hate Black People.” If you’re going to do it do it right. Don’t sit there getting the decal stuck to the hood of your pinto just because everyone just as stupid as you is doing it.

If you ask any person that has anything remotely similar to the Confederate Flag on their person that’s the first thing they’ll say…and they’ll emphasize it with something really scholarly like the N-Word or perhaps they’ll show you their matching swastika/menorah set just to prove how serious they are about hating…anything.

And just for the record, I’m white. I’m not big into the whole race-battle more like I’m into hating people for being dumber than I am (sounds like a rant for someone else’s blog).