Dating Your Weight

I have been stalling writing this blog for fear that I was being punked, but alas, I am BELOW 300 pounds! Sitting at 298 and happy as a clam.

The fact that I am so excited about being 298 really got me thinking. I came to the conclusion that my years of: yo-yo dieting, tears at the scale, starvation, all cigarette diet, binge eating, stretch marks, etc are very similar to my dating years. I mean, isn’t your weight nothing more than a relationship? Think about it, you never get it right the first time, you appreciate every lost pound when you finally do it right, you do some very bad things in the beginning…Doesn’t that sound about right? I mean, my all cigarette diet can be compared to the guy I dated in college who pretended I wasn’t his girlfriend,

I mean, let’s be real, I wouldn’t be excited about 298 pounds if this was my first go-round with weight loss. I remember when I lost 75 pounds in college and all I could think about was the next goal. I never appreciated where I was and how much work it took to get there. It was a disgusting, cancerous obsession that racked my mind day-in and day-out. My best friend lost 100 pounds last year eating in a way that she has since changed. However, when she was in the middle of this weight loss battle it was nearly impossible to talk to her. You could see her eyes racing like a caged beast eyeing the cupboards. She literally got up mid-conversation and ran three miles out of pure guilt and then felt guilty because she didn’t run six miles. Doesn’t that sound like that guy that you sat around waiting for him to call you? You missed out on endless fun nights with the girls or even just mental stability because all you could think about was if and when he would finally call.

Woof. What a realization.

Now, I can HONESTLY say I feel like a switch clicked in my head. I am not obsessed about what my next meal is going to be and when. I am not crying because I went up in weight instead of down. Yes, I am celebrating my wins but I know I’m not perfect. Just like I appreciate the amazing man I married. The same man who told me how skinny my face looked yesterday. I wouldn’t have known how lucky I was to be at 298 or how lucky I am to have my husband 10 years ago. Now, I wouldn’t trade him or this weight-win for the world.

Pre-Pregnancy Weight!!!

301!!! God save the Queen!!!!! I am back to where I started!!! And it only took me a month!!!

(Thank God for breastfeeding).

I teetered on 302 for a couple days waiting patiently and weighing myself every time I went to the bathroom to see if that last pound was shaken loose and I AM FREE AT LAST! For some reason, this seems wayyyy more of an accomplishment than last time. Maybe because this time I gained 5 more pounds than my last pregnancy and the weight seemed to come off more quickly. But, that’s what getting old does to you!!!

I have been thinking about starting a running routine. I believe I mentioned this multiple times before to both you and anyone else who will listen and haven’t so much as gone for a walk. But, it’s the thought that counts, right? But, no, I am just stalling because I am still healing from my c-section and I know it’s going to be horrifyingly difficult and I don’t need to add my incision ripping open and my kidneys falling out in front of someone’s mailbox.

I have been Pinning all sorts of running inspiration since I joined Pinterest so I should be well prepared on a routine and do’s and don’ts but it’s all about pulling the trigger, I suppose!