Pre-Pregnancy Weight!!!

301!!! God save the Queen!!!!! I am back to where I started!!! And it only took me a month!!!

(Thank God for breastfeeding).

I teetered on 302 for a couple days waiting patiently and weighing myself every time I went to the bathroom to see if that last pound was shaken loose and I AM FREE AT LAST! For some reason, this seems wayyyy more of an accomplishment than last time. Maybe because this time I gained 5 more pounds than my last pregnancy and the weight seemed to come off more quickly. But, that’s what getting old does to you!!!

I have been thinking about starting a running routine. I believe I mentioned this multiple times before to both you and anyone else who will listen and haven’t so much as gone for a walk. But, it’s the thought that counts, right? But, no, I am just stalling because I am still healing from my c-section and I know it’s going to be horrifyingly difficult and I don’t need to add my incision ripping open and my kidneys falling out in front of someone’s mailbox.

I have been Pinning all sorts of running inspiration since I joined Pinterest so I should be well prepared on a routine and do’s and don’ts but it’s all about pulling the trigger, I suppose!

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