The Small Victories

(Back at a nice, plump 301. Please, God don’t let that number rise…again.)

Since I have well over 100 pounds to lose, sometimes it can feel like quite the load to bear (literally). There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Every pound feels like a teardrop out of a swimming pool. Negativity and I are star-cross lovers; we go hand-in-hand at every turn of the page.

So, on that positively depressing note, I thought I would take some time while I am a mere 24 pounds lighter to celebrate some of the positive changes that have developed in this new endeavor:

1. Those that follow me on Facebook (shameless segue into mentioning you can follow me by clicking the link at the top of the page) may have seen that I turned down a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a chocolate shake from my mother this morning. She dangled that deliciously dangerous carrot in front of my face and I told her to “shut the hell up and go eat an apple.” That felt fucking unbelievable.

2. I went down a pant-size. Now, size 22 might not sound like I’m hitting the runway anytime now, but I haven’t been down that far since motherhood. I even flirted with the idea of trying on skinny jeans. I respectfully declined myself that libation quite yet…all in due time.

3. Fruit is my new dessert. In another life, I would have kept candy bars and num-nums hidden in my cupboards and blow my last 12 points of the day on sugar. Now, I eat healthy food with my points and enjoy a couple oranges with TV time. I feel like a celebrity eating so posh-like.

4. I fit in my maybe-someday-these-will-button-again pants. Still got a couple pounds to go until my muffin top isn’t so outrageous, though.

5. I have the desire to exercise. Now, note I said desire. I am not, in fact, exercising quite yet, but the thought has crossed my mind. I have even Googled running shoes and researched if Under Armor came in my size (it does not). However, I have never, ever, EVER had the desire to exercise. Yes, five years ago I forced myself to get a YMCA membership. But, half the time I would get there and ride the bike haphazardly for five minutes before rewarding myself with a Whopper. All in due time, all in due time.

So, yeah, five “happy points” of eating healthy. Granted, I could much easier and more quickly ramble off the negative side of this new life change, but, I am not going to do that. Even though I really miss self-medicating with carbs, I will just let the positivity flow…for now.

2 thoughts on “The Small Victories

  1. I have the hardest time keeping weight off! Today's my birthday, and this whole weekend was an 'I can eat what I want!' fest that packed on 3 pounds in 2 days.

    I have a huge problem with portion control and I'm trying to convince to make dishes with measurements right on them so that I don't have a choice but to pay attention to how much I'm eating. Anything to make weight loss/maintenance a little easier.

    Please vote! I'm tired of painting lines on glasses and bowls with nail polish.


  2. Hi ladies,

    I enjoy reading your blog. Your outlook is inspiring. Thank you for making me giggle.. I would be delighted to follow you on FB.. in fact I'm going there now.. 🙂

    Keep writing, and keep us posted.. 🙂



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