Back down to 304. Still not feeling quite normal after the flu. However, of course I am feeling perfectly good enough to visit the Golden Arches. I have an addiction. I honestly believe McDonald’s is worse than heroine. I mean, with heroine you have to mess with needles, dealers and the impending foreclosure of your home. With McDonald’s you can eat sweet, greasy happiness for $.99. I mean, what can you buy at the grocery store for less than a dollar? Ramen? I will take a nice, mayo-infused McChicken instead, please.

Now, how do I break this hideous habit? I literally have a McDonald’s a stone’s throw from my office. When I sit and eat my hard-boiled eggs on lunch I stare at the parade going through the drive-thru and wish I was just OK with being morbidly obese. Who the hell needs to get out of bed? I can just snuggle up to sausage McMuffin wrappers with a grease mustache and be content.

Ugh. Now I want a chicken nugget.

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