Go Blue!

Well, I technically am not supposed to be finding out that I have a boy in my womb until December 27th. But, being the completely rational mother-to-be that I am, I just could not miss out on baby-sized Christmas presents for the appropriate gender. So, I found a company that specializes in gender determination and found out our little nugget is packing some heat.

It was, honestly, the most amazing experience. I found out our child is stubborn like his mother because he was sitting with his legs so tightly crossed it was as if he was hiding the next Golden Ticket. But after some poking and prodding by the technician, we were able to loosen those tiny little legs and get a peak at his prize. And as my husband says, “it was glowing like a beacon in the night.” Really, it was. The secretary even said, “It doesn’t get more clearly ‘boy’ than that!” And I agreed. This little guy is making a statement.

On the hour ride home, I managed to activate our family phone tree by calling about 45 people a minute to break the news. A couple of the award-winning responses:

Me: “We are having a boy! We even got a pictures of his little man stuff.”
Grandma: “Oh, I bet it’s HUGE!”
Me: Awkward silence.

Where exactly does my sweet little grandma draw this conclusion from? Is it my husband’s size 15 feet? Or just because I am a natural over-achiever? Hmmm…I digress.

Next amazingly awkward response:

Me: “We are having a boy!”
Cousin-who-recently-had-a-baby-girl: “Oh wow, yay! Congratulations! Darn it though, I wanted to get rid of some clothes. They are all awesome and I don’t want to just give them to anyone! Maybe he will like to wear girl clothes?”

Almost everyone asked what my pregnancy symptoms have been and guessed at the gender up until the big tell-all. I will admit, I did think it was a boy pretty much since conception and an overwhelming amount of predictions were of a boy. But, when people asked me what my symptoms were, I would respond, “I have a huge gut and cry all the time.” This, to me, does not reek of boy or girl. But everyone seems to dabble in witch doctoring when someone’s pregnant. Everyone has a hypothesis or a cure for every issue you have whether it be morning sickness or a birth pain guesstimate.

Either way, I am not disappointed like I thought I would be after finding out the sex. I am a little more aware that, yes, I am almost halfway done with this pregnancy and now it is getting extremely real.

Here are some things I’m looking forward to:

Little boy overalls. Come ON, I don’t care if you birthed cyclops, slap them in some Oshkosh B’Gosh and they are teardrops from Heaven.

Dressing him exactly like his dad. My husband is unaware of this plan, but holy smokes there are a lot of matching flannels, corduroys and little parted haircuts in his future.

Cuddling my mama’s boy. I am a stage five cuddler with anything small and cute. This child will be stuck to my hip and tangled in my apron strings his entire life.

Seeing him for the first time. The thought of all of a sudden seeing this little pink creature that looks a little like me and a little like daddy makes my heart hurt. I can’t wait to see his little personality and baby toes and chunky legs. Watch out, here come the water works…

2 thoughts on “Go Blue!

  1. Congratulations on your little boy! 🙂
    I saw your post on baby bump about your blog (I meant to come check it out sooner)
    I haven't had a chance to read other posts yet but I hope your pregnancy is going well!


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