Babies, Boys and Big Girl Jobs

I can still remember being 13 years old, sitting on the floor of my best friend’s bedroom, listening to Papa Roach and Counting Crows and just wishing we were 16. We thought that was when it would all happen for us. Sixteen years old meant: cars, proms, later curfews, high school, football games, parties…it was all we could have ever hoped for.

Then I remember being sixteen years old sitting on the floor of my best friend’s bedroom wishing we were out of high school. Graduation meant: money for gas, cooler cars, no curfews, college and boys. We just knew that once we had our diplomas in hand, those were going to be the best days of our lives.

Then I remember being 18 years old and crying my eyes out because I was an adult. It was like I was mourning the death of my adolescence. Granted, my youth still hasn’t quite died, but I am definitely feeling more mature. That best friend that I gushed to about first kisses and first loves is having a baby. A baby. Like, a little boy who will be crying to her about curfews, cars, proms and she will be chasing around lecturing about condoms and Bud Light. Where did life go? When did we go from being babies to having them? I mean, granted any post-pubescent female can have a baby, but this is an adult having a baby. An exciting pregnancy with baby shower thrills and Lamaze classes. 

I feel like God flipped a switch on life and all of a sudden I went from waking up on a porch swing at a college house party with a red cup in my hand, to 401ks, bridesmaid dresses and baby shopping. I kind of wish I could go back to my high school graduation and dry my hysterical tears and tell myself it really isn’t a bad thing. Life just gets more interesting. You’re going to get sick of keggers and immature guys. You’re going to actually want to talk about recipes and car seats. It’s something new in life. As the saying goes, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

This is the time in my life when I can say Wow, I’m so happy to be 24. I just feel like the world is smiling on me at this point in my life. I am living life drama free. My family is healthy and happy. My heart is content. My friends have flourished into beautiful moms, wives and just amazing women. I can honestly say the grass isn’t any greener on 25 and life didn’t end at 23. This year is my year and I’m going to relish every tear, laugh, hangover, kiss, love and smile it has in store.

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